Is this Britain?

Is this Britain?

This country is being turned inside out. From those in the establishment being caught up in the fallout following the scandal surrounding the odious Jimmy Savile and his army of degenerate cohorts through to almost daily tales of the underclass running riot in the inner cities, one cannot get away from the rising stench. Crooked parliamentarians, low-level crime, police officers tasering elderly blind men.

We are slowly being surrounded by both the criminal and the criminally incompetent.

I had to read this story twice before I could internalise it – yet another tale of urban vermin running riot, all of them either still in or fresh out of school. Yet another young person needlessly murdered over some trivial matter or supposed lack of respec’ – or some other mealy-mouthed made-up bullshit.

This did not take place at night in some grimy ghetto, but in broad daylight in our nation’s capital. Where the streets are occupied by itinerant ne’er do wells who would stab you in the eye for giving them the wrong “look” and slope off with a nonchalant kiss of their teeth.

Look at the list of names, and it reads like a page from a Lagos telephone directory. Is this Britain?

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