Is this London or LA?

Is this London or LA?

Just a quick one, as I don’t really want to kick-start what might turn out to be yet another monumental essay on urban unrest, ethnic ghettoes in the shittier parts of London and the flood of effluent nonsense spouted by leftists who cannot see the abject failure of their self-serving social experiments.

It all started off when some boneheaded gangster was fatally shot by police: whether he had actually shot at them first is as far as I am concerned neither here nor there, as he was (i) believed to have been in possession of an illegal firearm and (ii) a well-established local criminal. When one does the maths, a small fraction of the earth’s oxygen supply has been saved; it’s only a shame that this piece of dog turd happened to produce a small litter of his own before choosing to meet his end in such a violent fashion.

Tottenham the morning after...
Tottenham the morning after...

Various articles have stated that Mark Duggan was a “father of four” – hmm. For this read “young male that put himself about, probably with multiple partners”. If Duggan were any sort of “father”, he would have been at home with his children, not texting his brain-dead mates about being chased by the “Feds”.

The riots that kicked off in Tottenham were motivated – according to the left-wing press at least – by a demand for “justice”; this was soon rebadged as a some sort of popular uprising against oppression (these people should take a trip to the Middle East), injustice (ditto), racism (that old chestnut) and government cuts (the now rather boring mantra of the Islingtonista ivory tower dwellers). Such an argument is bullshit whichever way one looks at it: there is little in the way of oppression in this country – one only needs to look at the eggshells the authorities have to walk over when they as much as say boo to a goose or some sensitive wannabe gangsta – and the fear of being accused of racism has become so entrenched that more often than not the police will tend to step back when they would be best advised to wade in and crack some skulls.

As for blaming government cuts, well – that’s as much a straw man as anything else. If anything, it has been the middle classes who have taken the brunt of the initial cutbacks – not the sponging underclasses whose representatives have been happily destroying their own communities as well as local businesses and amenities. These degenerates and their Guardianista voiceboxes perpetually complain about unemployment, yet overnight they have only added to the problem.

The complaint about government cuts creating a lack of local facilities and things to do for young people is simply laughable – even in the most generous days of the Labour Party administration these people were trashing everything that was handed over to them at our expense. I wouldn’t be surprised if businesses want to pull out of these hotspots: who, for example, would be mad enough to open a mobile ‘phone or electronics shop in Tottenham, Hackney or Brixton now?

A smiling LeShawn after his late evening "trip" to Carphone Warehouse...
A smiling LeShawn after his late evening "trip" to Carphone Warehouse...

Of course, to some on the loony left (it’s been years since I have had the chance to use that phrase) these businesses are themselves to blame; so-called “race equality campaigner” Lee Jasper for example suggested that the “economic violence” of the government was the root cause, and even suggested that businesses were attacked for not helping to create projects for under-privileged youths, even asking “when did Currys [the electrical store] build a school?”

Erm, no. The branch of Currys in Tottenham was attacked and subsequently ransacked because it happened to contain electronic items: stereos, televisions, DVD players, mobile phones. One has to wonder if the B&Q around the corner – which wasn’t targeted by the looters – was left alone on account of its local youth project record? As if these people even give a shit about school anyway, save it being a gathering point where you can conveniently recruit for gangs, deal drugs and stab overworked teachers.

Lee Jasper was once advisor to former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, and for this role as the Mayor’s social sage and professional victim was paid well over a hundred thousand pounds of taxpayers’ money. Perhaps he should use some of this – and the other cash raised through other less honourable means – to fund these projects rather than bleating about problems that don’t exist and justifying his own self-appointed role and existence.

Chair of London Race & Criminal Justice Consortium & Co Chair of Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC).
Chair of London Race & Criminal Justice Consortium & Co Chair of Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC).

According to his Twitter page, the Jasper describes himself as “Chair of London Race & Criminal Justice Consortium & Co Chair of Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC). Progressive black nationalist and a socialist.” Hmm. A nationalist and a socialist. A national socialist. A Nazi?

Heaven forbid.

As for the campaign of damage and looting – this has gone way beyond what can be described as a “riot” – it is becoming increasingly clear that police resources have been stretched to breaking point. I suggest they roll out the water cannons, load up the rubber bullets and get the Army in there.

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  1. I can’t help but agree. Been watching the riots on Sky News fot the last couple of days. I’m yelling at the screen: WHERE ARE THE ARMOURED VEHICLES AND RUBBER BULLETS?!!?!? Or maybe they’re not there ’cause the “negatives” are not in the majority of rioters.

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