Oligarchus russius

Oligarchus russius

No, I am not going to start off another rant against the steaming stream of Balkan Gypsies who may take up residence on otherwise peaceful and clean riverbanks. For the rubbish taking up residence here also includes those loaded with way too much money for their own and everyone else’s good.

People like Boris Berezovsky.

I simply cannot understand how this piece of slime has managed to seek refuge in this country and live like some sort of lord. Why is he even here? What have we to gain by allowing him to remain? The man is nothing more than a crook, a gangster, and – even worse – a friend of Tony Blair. This country has slowly become a haven for all sorts of rabble from God-knows-where, but thanks to a series of bank-handers, crooked deals and palm-greasing it is also become a collection point for criminals who should by all rights be rotting in some Siberian prison.

Now we are being told stories of Berezovsky being ferried around the country in his armoured Maybach at 140 miles per hour – in between being seen with girls suspiciously close to the age of consent. Well, no great shock there I suppose – you just need to look at the guy and you can get that nasty stench through your monitor.

I’d happily put Berezovsky and his ilk in a large crate and ship them all back to Russia – where I am sure president Vladimir Putin will be waiting to undertake some serious ju-jitsu practice.

Berezovsky and his goons: could you trust this man?
Berezovsky and his goons: could you trust this man?

While Londoners are being shafted from every angle and local businesses are being hammered, extensive parts of the city itself are being sold off to these foreign interlopers – speculators who have no concern for this country save for the fact that it provides them with a safe haven to launder their ill-gotten gains. Not only are these individuals responsible for driving up property prices, they are also guilty of possessing an almost culturally-infused lack of good taste – something they share with the feckless relatives of bloated sheikhs who seemingly have the same love of expensive and kitsch furniture and even kitscher prostitutes.

The following, taken from an article published as far back as 2007, puts all of this in a nutshell:

Whatever the reasons for the influx of Russian wealth, its impact is being felt on the cultural and economic life of the capital. Last year the relatively low-profile exile Alexander Lebedev, a former KGB spy, hosted a fundraising party at Althorp Park, the childhood home of Princess Diana. The event, which was lavish by any standards, was co-hosted by Mikhail Gorbachev and among other outlandish treats, had wolves and camels roaming the 8,500-acre estate as well as entertainment by Bono via video link.

“From Russia, with love for the more exclusive side of London life”, The Guardian, 13th April 2007

Diana’s childhood home. A former KGB operative. A menagie of exotic animals. And then the ultimate token of bad taste: the ubiquitous faux defender of the weak and oppressed, Bono. It makes one feel incredibly queasy. Of course, there is no mention of what other shady undertakings one might have been able to discover at this post-Soviet shindig – at that, the mind can only boggle.

While the low-level criminals and pimps are at one end of the scale, the likes of Boris Berezovsky are at the the other: in terms of how they operate, there is little or no difference. Some may see the vast amounts of wealth being splurged in this country as a good thing, but it can only last for so long. Like any common blood-sucking parasite, oligarchus russius will move onto the next willing victim.

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