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Daily Mail Story of the Week: But is it Art?

Daily Mail Story of the Week: But is it Art?

It’s incredibly hard keeping up with the Daily Mail and their stories about Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. I am convinced that if I were to analyse every story like that over the last couple of years alone, I could write a pretty hefty book about it. Of course, the book would itself generate its very own lurid Daily Mail headline – it’s enough to make one’s head implode. Read the rest of this entry »

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Snow and stuff…

Snow and stuff...

Stuck at home again on account of the ice buildup – living in a quiet place with no through traffic is great most of the time, but in these conditions it can – and has – very quickly turn into an icy deathtrap. I’d risk it – though I don’t have Ravel’s Bolero in the CD player in the car to provide the correct musical accompaniment.

I have to get into the office tomorrow, and if things remain the same outside I might have to bite the bullet and see how things go with public transport – something that, when I think of it, is far worse than skidding about on icy side roads or being shunted from behind by some clown who cannot keep his or her distance.

Well, at least the cricket is on. Oh to be in sunny Cape Town right now.

One thing that did warm things up was my getting a sighter of Doctor Who’s new assistant played by Karen Gillan – who would brighten up any dull Saturday evening. I had always loved the show as a child, and while professional flog in a blender David Tennant (now thankfully regenerated) was slightly irritating and could never hold a candle to the larger than life Tom Baker, it makes for an entertaining Saturday evening.

The clincher though was always the Doctor’s female companion, whom since Jet from the 1980s has not been up to much. Some folks may mention Billie Piper, but I have always thought she looked a little like a buck-toothed simian. The Time Lord’s next assistant though is rather cute – and I have always had something of a weakness for redheads in short skirts.

If only all police officers looked like this...

I’d be honest and say that if all police officers looked like this… Cue jokey daggers looks from Caroline when the next series kicks off.

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