A Large Rat

A Large Rat

Following yesterday’s events and the bombing of a Syrian airbase by the United States, I have have to say something. This morning, in between listening to the number codes and scratchy voices on the long wave radio channel, I heard this.

President Assad, this morning:

“Well, I’m winning the war. I’ve retaken Aleppo, Palmyra is now safe from the barbarians, and Raqqa is in our sights. ISIS is losing ground and being mercilessly bombed by the Russian Air Force and other jihadist groups are being bombed or have given up. Western powers have given up arming the jihadists, and the support for so-called “rebels” has swirled down the memory hole.

I’m no longer leading the headlines, and even the White House is now saying that I have to be involved in determining the future of my country. Well folks, it’s the perfect time… To gas civilians. Using my special sarin formula chemical bombs!
My airbases are ready for you, Donald! Bring it on!”

There is a rat here. A big rat. A rat as large, or even larger, than the one that was seen scuttling about in Saddam’s WMD warehouse.

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