A quick one…

A quick one...

No news:
Australia: British backpacker Jamie Neale silent as questions about his ordeal grow

How can someone survive for twelve days in such extreme conditions only to emerge looking as bright as a button with a few cuts and bruises? Sounds a bit fishy to me. Before the press start handing this imbecile silly money for selling his story, they should check out every single last detail first.

Bad news:
Pickpockets and bag snatches rise 25 per cent, British Crime Survey shows

I wonder if somebody somewhere will look at the influx of Romanies from Balkan and Eastern Europe and put two and two together… Erm, probably not. It’s a damn good thing I don’t travel much on the tube, though – I wouldn’t put it past one of them to try and pull off the sheep trick.

Good news:
Cherie Blair has suspected swine flu

Couldn’t happen to a better person, though we shouldn’t be surprised given that she has had her snout buried in the trough from the start. Let’s hope that it is the most virulent strain and the pillarbox-mouthed, cat-hating, money-grubbing wicked witch passes it on to her equally odious husband. Ugh!

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