Can somebody please…

Can somebody please...

…put this obnoxious bastard away once and for all?

Doherty faces heroin charge after court arrest

There must be one single crazy reason why “singer” Pete Doherty is not languishing in a cell right now; either he is made of Teflon, has an exceptionally good lawyer, or is in some way intimate with those high up in the legal profession. If anybody else had managed to string together the list of offenses that this unwashed little turd has racked up – from driving misdemeanours through the various drug-related charges – the key would have long been thrown away.

Having been charged with drunk driving, Doherty was slapped with fines amounting to £2,050 and an eighteen-month driving ban; given that he would probably blow this amount or more on a drugs and alcohol and that he could probably afford to be ferried around by a private chauffeur, it’s all pretty meaningless. It’s pretty clear that he doesn’t give a shit – the fact that immediately after being released he was arrested for heroin possession says it all. I am also certain that he’d just get into another car whenever he wants to – ban or no ban.

It is worth noting that the charge Doherty faced was not simply one of driving under the influence; he had also been driving with neither a licence nor insurance, and – from what I can gather from the article – had been carrying controlled substances as well. There’s also suggestions that he was involved in a hit-and-run accident that left a pedestrian injured.

You really do have to wonder how and why this blatant oxygen thief is still out there in circulation; every time I see his pallid, greasy face I want to take to it with a blunt instrument. Repeatedly.

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