Cockeyed Numbers

Cockeyed Numbers

I have been switching between the BBC, Sky News and Russia Today to try and get a balanced perspective over what is going on in Syria. The truth is, nobody really knows what is going on. Irrespective of the different political perspectives we all may have, there are a couple of questions I am sure many people would like to ask the western leaders hell bent on executing a “regime change”. These are:

Looking back at the situation in Syria in 2011:

Why the hell would you want to remove a stable, secular and economically viable government – and choose to support disparate groups of “rebels” you know nothing about? More so, knowing the pig’s ear you made of both Iraq and Libya.
Why would you want to remove Bashar al-Assad, while continuing to support (and arm!) theocratic madhouses like Saudi Arabia and micro fiefdoms like Qatar, who are well known for their sympathy with Islamic extremists?

The thing is, would any of our wise decision makers accept being put in the hot seat and grilled without mercy? I seriously doubt it.

Here are some interesting numbers to chew on, culled from, managed by Cornell Law School in the US.

Death penalty figures for Syria, prior to the start of the civil war in 2011:
2010 – 17. 2009 – 8. 2008 – 1. 2007 – 7.

Death penalty figures for Saudi Arabia, over the same period:
2010 – 26 or 27. 2009 – 69. 2008 – 102. 2007 – 143.

The two countries have a similar population, with Syria at around 22 million and Saudi Arabia 28 million. Just if you want to work out executions per capita.

One is a country that requires a “regime change”, while the other is run by a bunch of Islamist, bloated, sword-wielding misogynists who receive our latest high-tech weaponry. You don’t need to be Vladimir Putin to conclude that there is something just a little cockeyed here.

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