Comedy Grauniad Article of the Week…

Comedy Grauniad Article of the Week...

What should I wear to a protest march?

I just had to laugh at this – not only is the question itself ridiculous, the girl on the left looks like a charicature – an extra from Citizen Smith. The scarf is all wrong though – she needs a shemagh, surely? And what, no balaclava? Watch her mug quickly make its way on the Met’s all-new spotter cards.

Only the good old Grauniad can waste time publishing an article that attempts to make this work-shy activity chic.

If the more hardcore activists out there are looking for a suitable colour in which to hit the streets, I’d suggest that classic off-white with a slight touch of greyish-red, also known as hint of brain.

Yep, it has been a slow news day today.

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