Daily Mail Nazi Story of the Week, part… Oh, I’ve lost count…

Daily Mail Nazi Story of the Week, part... Oh, I've lost count...

Yep, we have yet another Daily Mail silly article based on yet another book offering a “new” take on an yet another age-old story. Anyone who knows anything about the history of Nazi Germany, the Second World War or Adolf Hitler would be more than aware of the fact that the Führer was a notorious hypochondriac with a long list of real and very much made up medical problems – something that was readily taken advantage of by an equally long list of charlatans and cranks – and we have now been served up with the lurid “revelation” that Hitler hated going to the dentist.

Not such a big deal, really – who really can claim to enjoy going to the dentist? So, one might rightly ask, why is this such a big story that the Daily Mail finds the need to run it? Oh, it’s Hitler – someone whom to the hacks at Mail Towers is still as very real as the X-Factor and as very much alive as Jordan.

As for Menevse Deprem-Hennen, the author who has wasted their time writing about these banal Führer-facts, they could have found a better way to spend their time. Hitler has been well and truly studied (and more recently, sensationalised) to death, and I truly believe that anything that can be written about him has been written. Those of us who have studied the life of the Nazi leader will know that the “controversial” historian David Irving wrote about his dental issues and problems with halitosis over thirty years ago; quite simply, there is nothing new. No more exclusive stories. No more drama. It’s a dead duck.

Yet the Daily Mail is so fascinated by the Führer that they churn out stories on him on a regular basis – so much so that this story was actually one of three Hitler-related stories this week, the other two focussing on the theory that his anti-semitism was driven by grief over the death of his mother and what things might have been like had he been spirited out of wartorn Berlin by Hanna Reitsch.

Mr. A. Hitler, last seen in a Paraguyan jungle...

A certain Mr. A. Hitler, last seen in a Paraguyan jungle...

I for one have seen far too many of these rather cheap “alternative history” scenarios; while early pieces that covered this subject were genuinely interesting and based on fairly extensive research, more recent efforts have been little more than rehashed guff. In fact much of what has been written on Hitler since the mid-1980s has been placed more on salacious tidbits than what might otherwise be described as rather boring facts; rather than bore us with what might have driven Hitler to invade the USSR in 1941, modern authors and publishers would instead serve up fantastic scenarios of the aging Führer living among the Inuits in some igloo in Greenland or unverifiable tales of his sexual peccadilloes.

I’d actually go so far as to wager that author Guy Walters has in all likelihood paid the Daily Mail to publicise his book and pass it off as some sort of historical interest story; unless I was the photoshop expert who was commissioned to create the computer-generated image of what Hitler would have looked like in the 1960s – complete with the oversized and out of place Iron Cross First Class – I cannot see how anyone can gain anything from the publication of this rubbish.

Even basic facts are ignored – for example Walters has Reitsch’s lightweight Fieseler Storch flying at 20,000 feet when it had a maximum ceiling of 17,060 feet or 5,200 metres – and this forgetting the fact that this optimum height have only been sustainable with the weight of one pilot.

Maybe it was a special “Führer modelle”, or something…

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    #1 by BRIAN PHILLIPS on January 11, 2010 - 08:55

    Dear Sir

    Regarding adverse comments regarding the service ceiling of the Fiesler Storch – which agreed are generally stated to be in the region of 17000ft – in the blog ‘Warbirds of Norway’ a figure of 19358 ft is given – with an all up weight of 1240kg

    Not too far away from 20.000 feet you may agree !

    B Phillips Orpington jan 11 2010

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    #2 by Grand Méchant Loup on January 11, 2010 - 10:02

    Interesting… Given that Hanna Reitsch was a little thing and Hitler was no doubt impoverished after having endured months of a spartan vegetarian diet, this may indeed have been possible… Maybe the DM researchers having actually been doing more digging around that I give them credit for!

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