Daily Mail Nazi Story of the Week… The silliest one ever.

Daily Mail Nazi Story of the Week... The silliest one ever.

It’s been a bit of a while since my last Daily Mail Story of the Week – so long a while that the feature should perhaps be renamed Daily Mail Nazi Story of the six weeks and five days. Give or take a few days. This is not for the lack of silly stories about the Nazis and Adolf Hitler in the DM, but the fact that there have been simply too many to comment about. Even I have been suffering from Silly Hitler Story Fatigue (SHSF).

Daily Mail Nazi Story of the Week
Daily Mail Nazi Story of the Week

Today however I saw a story that really does define the DM’s curious relationship with the personality of Adolf Hitler, and their ability to not exactly make the very best of snow news days. If they are not reporting on some Z-list celebrity’s latest diet, bikini body or latest inane comment on Twitter, they are busy scrabbling through the detritus to unearth some ridiculous story on the long-dead Führer.

The latest instalment of this journalistic madness sees the story of a house – that’s right, a housethat supposedly looks like AH. Not a dog, cat or even a slice of burnt and buttered toast, but a house. In Swansea, of all places. We have all heard the stories of Hitler as a young lad paying a visit to Liverpool, but this the first I have heard of him showing in face on the grey streets of South Wales.

Ironically, the Hitler in Liverpool story was brought back to life by one David Gardner, a one-time foreign correspondent for the… Daily Mail. Ahem.

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