Dizaei Rascal

Dizaei Rascal

Some people just cannot escape the headlines, and one such individual is former Metropolitan Police Commander and race-card player Ali Dizaei, aka the “Dizaei Rascal”. Now, some of you may remember my last comments on “Criminal Ali”, made some two years ago when he was handed his first sentence for his dodgy activities.

Having milked the appeals process this Teflon-coated crook somehow managed to get himself back out out in circulation again – complete with a hefty compensation package – but this week he has finally been found guilty again and has been sentenced for a second time. He’ll no doubt whip out the race-card again and choose to blame some fictitious racist colleague/judge/laywer/scarecrow/spaghetti monster who has been out to get him, but hopefully we have now see the last of this slimy little turd.

That is of course until he turns up on some reality television show…

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