DM Nazi Story of the Week… Part… Hmm, I’ve lost count.

DM Nazi Story of the Week... Part... Hmm, I've lost count.

Shock, horror! A new Nazi row reported by the Daily Mail

It would appear that Russia has suddenly decided that the problem of racist gangs on its streets is something that needs to be solved – ah, there’s nothing like an exercise in saving face and attempting to provide evidence that Russia can truly fulfil its long-term ambition of joining the European Union. Following the rightfully harsh sentences meted out to various knuckle-dragging numbskulls, the authorities have now started to go after what they see as the ideological backbone to this phenomenon.

Daily Mail Nazi Story of the Week
Daily Mail Nazi Story of the Week

Cue their turning their eyes to to the ever-present apparation of Adolf Hitler and banning his book Mein Kampf.

Frankly, I cannot see why banning Mein Kampf would make any sort of difference to the mindset of some pallid Russian youth that might fancy having a go at some Kazakh trader or African student in the street; in fact I doubt if many of these troublemakers have actually read the book. The truth is that if they were able to get past the dreadfully turgid chapters on Hitler’s early life in provincial Austria and the problem of syphilis, they’d encounter various passages that might make them scratch their shaved and rather empty heads in confusion.

Those of us that know anything about Hitler, his politics and the Second World War will of course be aware of the fact that among those targeted in Mein Kampf are the Slavic peoples, and foremost the Russians – whose land was billed as little more than a dumping ground for the Volk. I would therefore find it rather bizarre how any Russian – particular one that may believe to be a nationalist – would learn anything from reading it. They would be more likely to move in the opposite direction.

I see this as an attempt by the Russian authorities to blame Hitler for its social ills. It has become a particularly irritating refrain: if I have an ingrowing toenail, Hitler is somehow responsible. If my pet gerbil dies, Hitler is somehow responsible. If cities in my country are crawling with knuckledraggers wanting kick some Chechen’s head in, Hitler is somehow responsible. It has nothing to do with education, social welfare or unemployment – it’s Hitler to blame.

In banning Mein Kampf, the Russian authorities have just awarded themselves one massive Godwin point.

This isn’t the only Daily Mail Nazi Story today – there’s also another one concerning a rather sordid-looking Holocaust memorial in Berlin dedicated to homosexuals (erm, shouldn’t this be called the Homocaust?), which looks a little bit like a peepshow booth. I have to wonder what most local taxpayers think about their money being wasted on this rubbish… Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks I guess…

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  1. I’ve never understood how the Russians can find Hitler so alluring. Something is just wrong there. What’s more pressing is that my car won’t start – I think Hitler’s to blame.

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