Dummkopf of the Week…

Dummkopf of the Week...

When a German says something remotely controversial, all hell breaks loose. When somebody else does something so obviously bad that it demands a public horse-whipping, it’s somehow just a “gaffe” that elicits a litany of scarcely believeable excuses.

Hitler Headline in Siberia: Nazi Newspaper Gaffe Embarrasses Biathlon Organizers

So here we have it: in an attempt to provide a little friendly authenticity to their guests’ table decoration, the organisers at Khanty-Mansiysk have fouled up in the most ridiculous way possible. However rather than accept blame and admit that it was a joke that fell rather flat – come on, don’t kid me here – the comedians behind this little decorative skit have instead put the onus on the designer’s supposed lack of familiarity with the Western alphabet.

The invasion has begun... Hmm.
The invasion has begun... Hmm.

Well, I just don’t buy it.

If this person’s language skills were that bad, he would not have been able to successfully identify the German-language items: after all, the characters are no different to any other Western alphabet and as similar as Russian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian are to me. As well as the Nazi-era items, some Umlaut-rich Swedish or Finnish items would also have ended up as part of the German table bouquet. Nah, this guy knew exactly what he was doing, the sneaky little Ivan.

The funny thing is that the German team have done rather well in the events that have taken place so far, and “Die Invasion hat begonnen” could be described as rather apt given some of the sharp shooting by Magdalena Neuner in particular.

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