I’m so Dizaei…

I'm so Dizaei...

…my head is spinning.

Top Met chief Ali Dizaei ‘bullied web designer and falsely accused him of assault’

Why does this complete and utter fuckwit continue to make the news? First he’s accused of taking bribes, procuring prostitutes and taking drugs – only to accuse those who were on his case of “racism” (yes, that good old bugbear). Now he had been found to be abusing his powers in dealing with a website designer who simply wanted to be paid for his work.

Dizaei has somehow been able to worm his way out all of his other self-inflicted muddles, no doubt as a result of both his litigiousness and the Met’s desire to focus on political correctness and keep people like him in their high-flying jobs. If he is found guilty in this most recent escapade, I would sincerely hope that they cast aside the inevitable shrieks of “racism” and finally give him the send-off he deserves in the form of his P45.

Of course, the old Dizaei rascal will probably end up writing another book about how badly treated he has been. The poor, poor lamb.

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  1. Fuckwit indeed? Not guilty of the first allegation following a court case which looked at the evidence.

    This current matter “Innocent until proven guilty” sorry ignorant rhetoric is much easier

  2. Everyone is entitled to an opinion – and had Mr. Dizaei not been such a controversy magnet I wouldn’t care too greatly. It simply worries me that, as a Londoner, we have people like him calling the shots in the Met. I am sure if you speak to any regular cop or even any of Ali’s colleagues off the record they’d say everyone would be better off with without him. At the very least he is a troublemaker.

    I am so glad I no longer live in the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham!

  3. I am sure that u have a reason for what u have said, including how you felt living in London.
    I think it is sad that simply arresting a suspect results in this farce of a case. Many officers up and down the country do ot end up being charged for doing their job!

  4. If he was doing his job I don’t think there would have been an issue – but from what I have read there were witnesses that saw Dizaei abuse his position as a police officer in what was a personal matter – and then there is his wasting of what are increasingly precious resources.

    With people like Dizaei controlling operations in the Met, it is no wonder that we get to hear stories of young female tourists being overpowered by half a dozen officers and PCSOs for doing little more than taking a few innocent photographs.

  5. I am sorry, what witnesses are you talking about. There has only been one prosecution witness,so far, the man who was arrested. So who are these others?

  6. I wonder what the restaurant owner might have to say… Still, let’s see what the court has to say. You may choose to believe that Dizaei is some poor soul who has been continually wronged and misunderstood, but in my view he’s little more than a gangster in a uniform.

  7. I know Ali Dizaei, and in my personal opinion he must rank as one of the most untrustworthy and ineffective senior officers that the Metropolitan Police has had the poor judgement to promote in the recent years. Let’s examine just a few of the things that have emerged from evidence given at this, his third trial, for a serious criminal offence, having been acquitted at the first two despite admitting a litany of wrongdoing and disciplinary breaches.

    So, in relation to the A–Bagdadhi affair:

    1. He admits going to a restaurant in full uniform with his wife for a meal. Why in uniform?

    2. The restaurant owner has given evidence that he never presented a bill to ‘Mr Dizaei’ for any meal at the restaurant because ‘He is like one of my family’ – A clear breach of Police Regulations under the general heading of ‘Accepting a Gift or Gratuity’, which would almost certainly attract a severe disciplinary punishment under any other circumstances.

    3. Dizaei refused point-blank to co-operate with investigators on the spurious grounds that he was the target of a multi-faceted conspiracy by the senior echelon of the Metropolitan Police to arrest and imprison him for his support of Ghaffur years before.

    4. A Police Medical Examiner gave unequivocal evidence that injuries to Dizaei were self-inflicted.

    5. Dizaei has claimed that the arrest of Al-Baghdadi was necessary to prevent an imminent breach of the peace, but other police witnesses who attended the restaurant found no evidence of disorder, or any suggestion that there had been any.

    The trial continues. If Dizaei is acquitted he will return to his £90K per annum job as head of policing for West London and will demand (and no doubt get) a grovelling apology from the Commissioner. You couldn’t make it up!

  8. Well, justice has been done it seems. He’ll no doubt make a killing by writing a book about it though…

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