In the nick of time… DM (neo-)Nazi Story of the Week

In the nick of time... DM (neo-)Nazi Story of the Week

With the ongoing election campaign and subsequent drama with our hung parliament and the resulting political brouhaha, one might have thought that the entire Nazi Story of the Week newsdesk at Daily Mail Towers might have been relocated to a certain Mr Clegg’s back garden. Not the case, it seems – for just in time we get our weekly dose of the N-stuff.

Daily Mail Nazi Story of the Week
Daily Mail Nazi Story of the Week

This non-story features a bunch of what I would consider inconsequential transatlantic weirdos, the sort of people most sensible Americans would regard as “kooks”: an unemployed mass-breeder mother with five stupidly-named children from three different and quite obviously fertile Aryan warriors, and an unemployable fat oik – the archetypal Aryan warrior of popular legend – covered in ghastly tattoos. These IQ-deficient clowns profess to worship Adolf Hitler, yet fail to realise that their appearance alone would have guaranteed them a short holiday in Dachau or Buchenwald.

Numerous whackjobs can be found across the entire United States: black panthers, radical Islamists, fundamentalist anti-abortionists, money-grabbing “motivational speakers”, crazy televangelists and wannabe Klingons. It is a diverse country, and this diversity also extends to its crazy folk.

There’s no good reason for the DM running this story – save, perhaps, seeing it as a gift-horse opportunity to turn something out that contains the words “Hitler” and “Nazis”. Yawn.

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