Monday Madness

Monday Madness

So, it’s back to the grindstone.

I guess it will take a little while for things to warm up – after all, it isn’t just me who is slowly cranking back into gear. The sharply cold weather isn’t helping, but down here in the Saarf we shouldn’t really be complaining too much as we are still able to get about fairly easily and haven’t been served with yet another dumping of snow like those poor folks oop north.

One would have thought that the start of another year would see some people winds their necks back in, but hope would be a fine thing. Right there at the top of the list are our Muslim friends led by the wonderful Anjem Choudharywho has now threatened to lead a march through the otherwise obscure Wiltshire town of Wootton Bassett.

To those who may not know, Wootton Bassett is a small market town located near RAF Lyneham (where my father was once based, I believe) which is the point of arrival for servicemen and women who have been killed abroad. Given the town’s proximity to the RAF base, its streets have become the informal mourning place for dead service personnel on account of the fact that hearses leaving Lyneham pass through them.

This, of course, makes any planned march or protest by Islamic extremists doubly inflammatory.

I think most people in this country are agreed that the mess that has been made in both Afghanistan and Iraq could easily have been avoided; however rather than use this as a valid bargaining chip to built better relations and create a common front against the likes of Tony Blair and his warmongering minions, malcontents like Choudhary feel the need make his point by spiting the families of all those who have given their lives in this pointless conflict.

If Choudhary’s army really want to make a point, they should march on Blair’s armoured compound and give us taxpayers some value for the six million pounds we are currently paying for his well being. Rather than wasting their time travelling down to the sticks and getting up the collective nose of the British public, Choudhary and his motley band of rabble rousers, benefit scroungers and interlopers should make it their mission to land one square on Blair’s smarmy mug. And I am sure that if they did this, most of the rest of us wouldn’t lose much sleep over it.

Of course, Choudhary’s claim that Allied forces have killed more civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq than the Islamic extremists is absurd; there is no point arguing the toss though, as these people are simply deluded. After all, what else could you expect from the sort of people who would arm their underpants with explosives when boarding a plane?

The truth is that we’d all be better off if we just shoved these undesirables on a plane and jettisoned them over the desert – which should by rights far more welcoming than our land of milk and honey and easy to get benefits. I’d happily send Blair, Brown and all of those other slime-ridden tosspots with them as well.

And now to the latest from the pointless non-story newsdesk… It appears that the spoofed Michelle Obama “chimp” image is doing the rounds again, proof that there are some journalists out there with plenty of time on their hands…

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