Sophistry Corner: Get me a bucket.

Sophistry Corner: Get me a bucket.

Earlier this week I didn’t feel too well after having a Sainsbury’s chicken and bacon sandwich – I am now convinced that they buy their chicken from one of those “dodgy geezers” featured on those formulaic investigative documentaries – but a quick glance at the Guardian this morning has got me reaching for the proverbial sick bucket once again.

Today is the funeral of Mark Duggan, the man whose death at the hands of armed police kick-started the recent looting and rioting in a number of British towns and cities. While it is completely understandable for Duggan’s friends and family to say what they like at his funeral and choose to see him how they remember him, to print what amounts to an apologia for this criminal in a national newspaper simply beggars belief.

Tottenham is a place where people do not tolerate injustice. It’s always been that way, our community is close knit.

Close knit enough for people to trash their own streets, eh?

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