Still here…

Still here...

Christmas has come and gone, and January is almost at an end… There has been plenty to write about this year, but I’ve been busy with other projects elsewhere. Lunchtimes have not been long enough, there is just too much to write about to the point where you are left wondering where to start, and I have been trying to accelerate my Schwarz und Weiß project. If you are interested in football, just click on through – if not, just click through anyway as it will help boost my rankings.

I was thinking of writing a “Daily Mail Hitler story of the week” last week, but just as I was about to formulate my angle three more similar stories charged up on the rails and threw my thought process completely out of joint. So I gave up.

Anyway, I am still here – I am now mulling over the email sent to me by a former Libyan defence minister who needs to shuttle $55 out of Swaziland. Oh, and a happy New Year to you all.

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