Daily Mail Nazi Story of the Week

Daily Mail Nazi Story of the Week

The dramatic political events have  had me posting like crazy, but there’s still time for the Daily Mail Nazi Story of the Week – have no fear, Der Führer’s here! Last week’s instalment came came right at the last minute, but we’re comfortably on time with this our latest silly instalment.

In the nick of time… DM (neo-)Nazi Story of the Week

In the nick of time... DM (neo-)Nazi Story of the Week

With the ongoing election campaign and subsequent drama with our hung parliament and the resulting political brouhaha, one might have thought that the entire Nazi Story of the Week newsdesk at Daily Mail Towers might have been relocated to a certain Mr Clegg’s back garden. Not the case, it seems – for just in time […]

Two more DM Nazi Stories of the Week…

Two more DM Nazi Stories of the Week...

It’s getting just a little bit silly now, but with the Daily Mail’s rather crazy obsession with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis my jokey plan to write a book on the subject is becoming more of a reality. There have been two new stories since my last submission; it would appear that they are churning […]

Shoehorning Hitler

Shoehorning Hitler

Not so much a Daily Mail Nazi Story of the Week, but a silly and utterly pointless little article that provides the editors at my favourite online tabloid with what is probably the most ridiculous excuse yet to shoehorn in a photograph of Adolf Hitler – or should I say Adolphe Hitler, the Führer’s rather […]

DM Nazi Story of the Week… Part… Hmm, I’ve lost count.

DM Nazi Story of the Week... Part... Hmm, I've lost count.

Shock, horror! A new Nazi row reported by the Daily Mail… It would appear that Russia has suddenly decided that the problem of racist gangs on its streets is something that needs to be solved – ah, there’s nothing like an exercise in saving face and attempting to provide evidence that Russia can truly fulfil […]

If the boot was on the other foot…

If the boot was on the other foot...

This country would be accused of raging “anti-Semitism”. Israeli MPs call for boycott of British goods. Come to think of it, by dredging up the Nazis when discussing the British Government’s (rare) common sense decision to distinguish between Israeli goods and produce from the West Bank, they already have. Even Prime Minister’s Gordon Brown’s grovelling […]