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Dizaei Rascal

Dizaei Rascal

Some people just cannot escape the headlines, and one such individual is former Metropolitan Police Commander and race-card player Ali Dizaei, aka the “Dizaei Rascal”. Now, some of you may remember my last comments on “Criminal Ali”, made some two years ago when he was handed his first sentence for his dodgy activities. Read the rest of this entry »

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Caught in his own web of deceit… Finally!

Caught in his own web of deceit... Finally!

The court case involving Britain’s most infamous senior police officer is finally over, and at long last it would appear that justice has been done.

Yes, it’s our old pal Commander Ali Dizaei aka the “Dizaei Rascal”, who has been exposed as what many of us all knew he was – a bully and a first-class liar – and sentenced to four years imprisonment. At long last, it would appear that this gangster in uniform – a man that has somehow managed to retain his position on account of a politically correct, ham-fisted and weak-kneed establishment that has buckled every time he has opened his very loud mouth – has finally got his comeuppance.

I am predicting right now that Dizaei will immediately appeal and will probably be seen sharing a media platform with the odious Max Clifford; regardless of the outcome he will no doubt publish another compilation of salacious “memoirs”, and might even cap it all off by going on some reality television show after he emerges from gaol. Alternatively, he could probably apply to be Tony Blair’s new head of security – the perfect job for a teflon-skinned crook who has been found guilty of perverting the course of justice and misconduct in public office.

With this breaking of this news I am sure that some of us are really hoping that all of the previous charges against Dizaei are thoroughly reinvestigated; it is my sincere desire to see this gangster, fraudster and criminal malcontent end up for a lot longer than four years with some of those he might have falsely put away because they chose not to play ball.

It could have very easily ended up this way for Waad al-Baghdadi, the web designer who did little more than have the temerity to demand payment for his work; as it happens, the extreme lengths to which Dizaei went to support his madcap allegations – up to and including creating self-inflicted wounds and the possible manufacturing of “witnesses” – ultimately led to his downfall.

Of course, this bellicose loudmouth will no doubt blame his situation on “racism”, the simmering (and arguably well-earned) ire of former colleagues or even the bogeyman.

ETA: Here is a link from the BBC News website with an audio recording of Dizaei’s bogus 999 call following his “arrest” of Waad al-Baghdadi; between Criminal Ali and the plank on the other end of the line with cotton wool between her ears, I really don’t think us ordinary members of the public stand much of a chance if we have to rely on these people to protect us…

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I’m so Dizaei…

I'm so Dizaei...

…my head is spinning.

Top Met chief Ali Dizaei ‘bullied web designer and falsely accused him of assault’

Why does this complete and utter fuckwit continue to make the news? First he’s accused of taking bribes, procuring prostitutes and taking drugs – only to accuse those who were on his case of “racism” (yes, that good old bugbear). Now he had been found to be abusing his powers in dealing with a website designer who simply wanted to be paid for his work.

Dizaei has somehow been able to worm his way out all of his other self-inflicted muddles, no doubt as a result of both his litigiousness and the Met’s desire to focus on political correctness and keep people like him in their high-flying jobs. If he is found guilty in this most recent escapade, I would sincerely hope that they cast aside the inevitable shrieks of “racism” and finally give him the send-off he deserves in the form of his P45.

Of course, the old Dizaei rascal will probably end up writing another book about how badly treated he has been. The poor, poor lamb.

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