Dizaei Rascal

Dizaei Rascal

Some people just cannot escape the headlines, and one such individual is former Metropolitan Police Commander and race-card player Ali Dizaei, aka the “Dizaei Rascal”. Now, some of you may remember my last comments on “Criminal Ali”, made some two years ago when he was handed his first sentence for his dodgy activities.

Caught in his own web of deceit… Finally!

Caught in his own web of deceit... Finally!

The court case involving Britain’s most infamous senior police officer is finally over, and at long last it would appear that justice has been done. Yes, it’s our old pal Commander Ali Dizaei aka the “Dizaei Rascal”, who has been exposed as what many of us all knew he was – a bully and a […]

I’m so Dizaei…

I'm so Dizaei...

…my head is spinning. Top Met chief Ali Dizaei ‘bullied web designer and falsely accused him of assault’ Why does this complete and utter fuckwit continue to make the news? First he’s accused of taking bribes, procuring prostitutes and taking drugs – only to accuse those who were on his case of “racism” (yes, that […]