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Scout Girl

Scout Girl

It has become something of a fetish for the easily pleased media. A moment captured on a mobile device, a frozen fraction of a second that quickly becomes viral and acquires the term “iconic”. The latest in this series is the “scout girl”, a photograph of a Czech girl scout engaging in what looks like an animated discussion with a member of a right-wing protest group in the Moravian city of Brno. Read the rest of this entry »

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Now THIS is the way you deal with politicians you don’t like!

Kudos to Czech protesters who armed themselves to the teeth with eggs and pelted them at a bunch of Social Democratic (ČSSD) politicians. If only we could have the opportunity to do the same at the likes of Brown, Hoon, McNulty et al.

One for the photo albumen. Sozi politicians can’t do anything about the barrage of eggs being pelted by the well-organised crowd… Here’s ČSSD Chairman Jiří Paroubek.

ČSSD Campaign Leader Jaroslav Tvrdík looking more than a little shell-shocked…

Some of the photos are hilarious – and the last one of the stage looks like a massive omelette. I just hope the eggs had gone off.

(Source: Telegraph Online)

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