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Born to be Wilders

Born to be Wilders

He was banned from entering this country, and shepherded out of Heathrow when he tried to come to Britain having been invited by a British citizen. He had to to overturn this ban in court in order to visit this country. Are we talking about a criminal? A terrorist, maybe? No, it’s Geert Wilders – a democratically elected Dutch parliamentarian.

Wilders has stoked some pretty large fires in his country for speaking up against Islamic extremism – more often than not in the starkest terms. And good on him, for both the Netherlands and Europe as a whole needs people to stand up and be counted in combatting this virus.

Those that have fought tooth and nail to keep Wilders out of this country – while at the same time turning a blind eye as armies of grubby interlopers and malcontents head to these shores – just don’t get it. As far as I am concerned Wilders doesn’t even need to say a word – we just need to look at the sort of people he is talking about.

Islam will dominate the world? Not on my watch, matey!

Islam will dominate the world? Not on my watch, matey!

Islam will dominate the world? Freedom can go to hell? Just how in God’s name did these individuals make their way over here? Who let them in? And if they were born here, who educated them? There may be many positive things to say about Islamic culture – after all, it has provided the world with many things. Its modern standard-bearers however are a light years away from the enlightened scholars of ancient times.

Commentators have argued that Geert Wilders’ increasing popularity in the Netherlands has brought into question that country’s reputation as a bastion of tolerance – not a bit of it I say. Tolerance is all well and good, but it is what it is – tolerance. Which suggests that an individual, a society and a country can only take so much before its reaches its breaking point.

If Muslims bring in trade, hard work and chicken tikka masala – that’s all and well and good. But they can leave their religious extremism – and with it the mosques, veils and ridicuous demands – back in their own countries where it belongs. And if this isn’t possible, offenders should be carted off back to a suitable destination without fuss or ceremony.

Geert Wilders is accused of being “far right” – ah, that wonderfully catchy cachet loved so much by the leftist intellectual elite and their media mouthpieces. The truth is that is that, if anything, he is an ultra-liberal whose devotion to the very concept of freedom is offended by the presence of what is an insane political ideology dressed up as a religion.

The leftist bleaters may find it all rather difficult to stomach, but Wilders is as far-right as I am a socialist bleeding heart that might wish to welcome an army of Romanian gypsies to set up home in my back garden.


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Die Nieuwe Dutsch Controverschy

Die Nieuwe Dutsch Controverschy

I can hear leftists screaming from the balconies of their ivory towers…

Far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders arrives in UK

First up, Geert Wilders is not “far-right”. Neither is her far-left. Or far-anything for that matter. The screaming banshees of the left are quick to connect this charismatic and instantly noticeable Dutch politician with the likes of the BNP, but are often stumped when he unequivocally puts a clear distance between his views and those of the Strasserites.

Wilders is a common-sense politician – and a democratically-elected one – whose presence here would not have caused even a ripple of controversy had this bunch of nincompoops we call a Government not placed him on a list of unwanted ne’er-do-wells (while at the same time allowing all and sundry to head this way and claim state benefits – go figure). His gripe is not with Muslim people, but with Islamic ideology – and that sounds like good old common sense to me.

The best part of this article was reading that the Muslim Council of Great Britain (great, peace-loving institution that it is) has described Wilders as a “relentless preacher of hate”.



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peterallenwatch: a bumper edition…

Peter Allen, a journalist I am keeping a close eye on, appears to be the “man in France” for the British press. In addition to the lack of grasp of military history and overuse of Babelfish which is something of common feature of the modern hack, Allen also seems to have something of an obsession with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni. Indeed on the resource, which lists all articles by those writing for the UK press, Allen’s summary states that he has written ‘more about Sarkozy than anyone else’ and ‘a lot about Sarkozy’ in the last month. In addition to informing the world about the threat of a second Normandy invasion by fans of, of course.

This week Allen has been particularly productive – it must be the weather or something. The stories from the continent range from the dramatic to the bizarre, and yes – there is among them a piece on Carla.

One of the articles covers a story that is sure to draw political lines across Europe – Sarkozy’s statement on the Islamic headdress, the Burqa.

“The burqa is not a sign of religion, it is a sign of subservience. It will not be welcome on the territory of the French republic.”

Bold words indeed.

I would for very obvious reasons choose not to trust Allen’s translation of Sarkozy’s actual statement, but it is fairly clear what the gist is. What is absolutely certain is that the French President has done a rare thing for an elected European leader – he has finally stood up and jabbed a finger back in the eye of what is a growing problem on this continent. Yes, some may argue that women walking around in costumes that make them look like Daleks may be a minor issue, but it is simply the thin end of the wedge.

One has to wonder what the clowns in Labour Party Towers think of all this – after all, Sarko has made a statement little different from that of Dutch politician and Geert Wilders, who was turned around at Heathrow back in February like some common criminal. What with his alleged snub of the Queen over the D-Day commemorations, Sarko is increasing his chances of being the next Euro politician to be shown the door by our otherwise very welcoming immigration officers.

Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminaaaaaaaaaate!

Sarkozy’s statement was more than likely made in response to that made by US President Barack Obama last week about “the freedom to bare arms (or not, in the case of certain Islamic-fundi types) – which is all the more admirable as it would have been far easier to simply revert to type and crawl further up Obama’s behind.

I am beginning to quite like Baruch Hussein – he seems to be at one with the people and has proven himself to be a master fly-swatter – but he would do well not to meddle in what are European social affairs. He may be more well-travelled and urbane that your average American politician, but he knows little of what actually goes on in the streets of many European cities; it would be the same as a European leader lecturing him on how to deal with poverty and crime in Compton and Watts.

Moving away from this and onto migration of another sort, Allen also wrote last week about a plan currently underway in France to prevent the threat of a dangerous breed of mosquitoes making their way across the channel – according to this article, there has been a mass chemical carpet-bombing of wide swathes of Northern France and Western Belgium.

Perhaps it hasn’t struck those concerned – or Peter Allen – that these chemicals might actually be better employed on another sort of parasite, that of the two-legged variety. I am not talking about the massed armies of marauding illegal immigrants, but their army of crusty do-gooder protectors apparently making their way towards Calais to demand an end to border controls between France and Britain. Some people should get a job.

And then we have the Carla story.

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