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What a burqa…

What a burqa...

So far, the coalition government has pootled along nice and quietly – unlike the previous administration, the noises have been pretty good. Things have gone slightly off-key however with the ongoing discussion of the Burqa, and in particular the rather odd statement offered by Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman. Using a logic that I still cannot fathom, Spelman defended the Islamic sackcloth by describing it as “empowering” to women. Hmm. Read the rest of this entry »

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Early this afternoon it looked as though the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats were well on the way to forging a partnership – thus finally moving towards the eviction of the one-eyed Scottish squatter last seen handcuffing himself to the bannister of No. 10. Read the rest of this entry »

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Har, Har, Harperson…

Har, Har, Harperson...

You really have to wonder whether this woman has nothing better to do with her time…

Arnold Schwarzenegger told by Harriet Harman to shut prostitute website

Ignoring the (deliberately?) badly-written headline that appears to suggest that Arnie might be running this website, one has to wonder how Harridan Harriet manages to find any spare time during the course of her working day. Has she got nothing better to do than waste Governor Schwarzenegger’s time with a compliant that would be drummed out of any court in the US?

Yes, it is rather unsavoury and – dare I say it – rather sad… But as far as I can see those running this website are not breaking any existing laws and any attempt to shut them down would result in little more than hoots of laughter. Perhaps Harriet should concentrate on sorting out matters closer to home, such as her own morally bankrupt Government.

As for her saying “I’ll be back” – I’d dare her to say that when the next general election comes around.

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The £80 Dinner Party

The £80 Dinner Party

Since he was roundly turned on by this miserable shower of a government for daring to criticise their attitudes towards the Armed Forces, General Sir Richard Dannatt has over the past few weeks been the victim of a malicious campaign by the motley band of hacks, pen-pushers and other ne’er-do-wells in Westminster.

The most recent campaign was to attempt to smear the General by obtaining details on his expenses – which itself is something of a rich move by the One-Eyed Scottish Idiot™ and his criminal, money-grubbing mob of suited gangsters – but the figures were revealed to the public they must have wished they could disappear into a hole in the ground.

In four years – including two as Land Commander-in-Chief when he would have had to entertain numerous high-ranking dignitaries and other military top brass from all over the world – Sir Richard managed to rack up just over £20,000 in expenses. That’s £5,000 a year, and less than £100 a week – the sort of budget that would be more associated with a small working-class family.

General Sir Richard Dannatt gave guests cheap wine to reduce expenses

In what was an exercise in complete frugality the General bought wine at under two pounds a bottle, and fed his blue-riband guests on food bought from Tesco and Lidl. I am not going to comment on what sort of expenses the MPs who have been gunning for him might have racked up.

If the General feels the need at any time to throw out the windbags of Westminster in a military coup, he’d have every ounce of support from this writer.

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