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Rumble in the Jungle

Rumble in the Jungle

It has been a little while since my last blog – it has been a case of work, work, work and a short break in between where we flitted around Dorset, visited the Automobile Museum at Beaulieu, sidled up to the famous Tiger I at Bovington and dropped in on Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall at River Cottage.

To be honest the news has been so much “same as” that you quickly get bored of it: how many times can you get exasperated with the bunch of clowns running this country, for instance? It is just the same old stories of the same old idiots doing the same old things, and short of rounding them all up and shooting them nothing is going to change any time soon. Oh, and that moron Katie Price aka Jordan, who should be taken to a quiet corner of some dark room and slowly asphyxiated.

The story of this week has been the clearing out by the French authorities of the infamous “jungle” in Calais – and the resulting protests by the organised army of unwashed lefties. Time for a water cannon bath for the lot of them, maybe.

This action is well overdue and a good thing, but one burning question still remains: what is going to happen next? The French Government has said that these people would be invited to request for asylum, but all I can see is them shifting on to another makeshift camp as part of their long-term plan to head this way to the land of milk and honey. The French system is one that cannot easily be milked: we know it, our respective governments know it and the illegal immigrants know it. There is no future for them in France, punkt.

One question that has been bugging me for years however is the fact that the vast majority of the residents of the “jungle” are from Afghanistan. Now don’t get me wrong, but have we – the West – not risked the lives of our soldiers and spent billions in getting rid of the reason why these people would want to flee their homeland? Have we not removed the odious Taliban from power? Have we not spent the last seven years creating a democratic Afghanistan? Well?

This is the conundrum the Government faces: if it has indeed helped to secure a democratic Afghanistan, then there is no longer a refugee issue and anyone from that country should be sent back forthwith. However, if these people are still accepted as refugees, then it is a pretty clear admission that Afghanistan is perhaps not so democratic after all and that the Government and the Western Alliance has failed in their rather expensive mission.

Beyond all this I cannot see what anyone can gain by allowing these people into Britain: more additions to the rising number of unemployed. More people whose cultural values run counter to ours. More opportunities for troublemakers and other interlopers to worm their way into the system. More infernal mosques, and British town centres being transformed into what looks like launching pads for the Saturn V.

Harrow Central Mosque

Is it a Saturn V rocket? erm, nope. It's Harrow Central Mosque

One such monstrosity is the new mosque in the Harrovian district of Wealdstone, almost directly opposite the Civic Centre. How convenient. It’s one thing being allowed to build a structure, it’s quite another to be allowed to construct what can only be described as a complete bloody eyesore. The thing is a blot on the landscape and now dominates that skyline, and things being what they are I wouldn’t be surprised if it one day replaces the famous church spire as Harrow’s great landmark – much as the alien double rocket craft that has been recently approved for launch in the German city of Köln threatens to wipe the historic cathedral from that city’s famous skyline.

Apart from the cute but completely unaffordable hamlet on the Hill, Harrow has never been the prettiest place – Wealdstone in particular has always been a bit of a dump. In what is a rather funny aside, the mosque is partly situated on land that was previously taken up by the small and rather suspect dealership where I bought my first car back in the early 90s. Good old Delray Autos – or Delboy, more like.

The building of this monstrosity can only turn the area into a magnet for troublemakers, as shown by the recent violent clash between a couple of dozen members of the self-styled “English Defence League” and hundreds of Jihadist ne’er do wells who made their way to this otherwise nondescript Middlesex suburb from all parts of the country. It really doesn’t bode well. The one saving grace is that a branch of the Samaritans is located just around the corner for those who might have to put up with the racket.

Probably the wisest words of the week have come from the Anglican Primate of Nigeria, Archbishop Nicholas Okoh: in a candid address in Kent he loudly said what many people are thinking and perhaps fearing – that Muslims are mass-producing babies in order to swamp existing non-Muslim populations.

Many people sitting on the left bank in their ivory towers will argue otherwise, but this is just the sort of thing that threatens to sweep across Europe. A trickle of Afghan refugees followed by a flood, mosque-building projects funded by Saudi fundamentalists, the implementation of Sharia law, and mass-breeding.

It is time to give up on branding all opposition to the rise of militant Islam as “racist” – it has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with protecting the freedom of future generations.

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What a beardo…

Or rather, silly story of the week.

Muslim Pc’s boss ‘accused him of looking like Osama Bin Laden’

I just don’t know what this fellow, PC Tariq Dost, is complaining about. Look at him. He does look like Osama bin Laden. Put on the headgear and some combat fatigues, and he’d easily walk into any Osama-themed fancy dress party and win all of the best likeness awards.

Last seen in a cave in Afghanistan? Or not?

I had always thought that there was some sort of code in the police force which restricted the length of hair and beards; I am fairly certain that if I joined the police force and tried to get away with sporting something so obvious I wouldn’t stand a chance. But of course, to tell this man to trim it down would be somehow “racist”.

According to the article PC Dost is not a front-line officer, but one would assume that being a “uni” he would have patrolled the beat at some time in his career as a police officer. Forgetting the fact that his rather distinctive beard would have stood out and left him open to obvious ridicule, it would have also constituted something of a health and safety hazard.

Imagine this officer trying to arrest a criminal: it is a known fact that if you try to grab someone who does not wish to be grabbed, they will tend to do their own share of grabbing and pulling. The first thing anyone would see is PC Dost’s beard, of course – for unlike female police officers with long hair who would be able to tie it up in a tight bun, it would be an inviting target for anyone who wanted to give it a good hard yank.

To think that taxpayers’ money is being wasted on this nonsense. Oh, and I would also have asked PC Dost about his weird habit of tucking his trousers into his boots – he worked in recruitment, not SO19. Uniform code, anyone?

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peterallenwatch: And then there were none…

Now that I have started to make it a point of analysing the “stories” submitted by Peter Allen – the Daily Mail’s (and God knows who else’s) man in Paris – it’s a case of getting a laugh a minute.

Only yesterday I noticed a rather dramatic headline suggesting that two named terrorists had been on board the Air France airliner which tragically crashed last week; naturally, I scoured the the story – replete with its unnamed sources and quickly-manufactured conclusions – and asked Caroline to have a brief look through what had been written in France. Apart from one solitary article that had been little more than a collection of suggestions, there was nothing to be found.

I am now rather glad that I didn’t provide a link to the original article, as I would have ended up looking like an idiot: the headline has now been amended to Two passengers on doomed Air France jet cleared of links to Islamic terrorism.

“Cleared”? By whom? As far as I am concerned they were never even charged. It was an investigation, Mr Allen – an investigation carried out by professionals, unlike your fine self. Then we have this little nugget:

Posthumous security checks into the backgrounds of the men found that they solely ‘shared the same name’ as known Islamic radicals, even though their bodies have not yet been found.

After unravelling this gibberish, one gets to the nub of the story. They shared the same names. Oh-ho! I have to wonder what these names were – Ahmed and Mohammad, perhaps? Oh dear, following this sort of insane logic we probably have organised terrorist cells in every branch of KFC across the country. The next time you are thinking of getting that chicken meal folks, you should perhaps consider the little-known fact that KFC actually means “Koranic Fundamentalist Cell” and that there is a far more sinister meaning to the name hot wings. And that “Bargain Bucket” is in fact a code name for Ryanair.

Of course, Allen’s drivel is the ultimate example of the tabloid non-story: digest some gossip, write a headline-grabbing story, and then amend it on the fly when the truth starts to filter back. Of course, we all know that if this tragedy was indeed a terrorist attack, the group ultimately responsible would have informed us all by now.

Not that Peter Allen cares about the truth, of course.


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