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It’s the sort of story the left-wing bleaters will screw their faces up at and accuse you of inventing… The truly staggering tale that leaves you, quite literally, grasping for breath its sheer incredulity.

I have read some shockers, but this one is right up there with the very worst of them. Read the rest of this entry »

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And so…

And so...

Erm, right.

For all the pre-event media furore and brouhaha, it was all really a damp squib. Old Nick came out looking like a bit of a tit, but then so did Secretary of State for Justice Jack Straw whose attempts to wriggle out of answering a question on immigration was positively cringeworthy – as was his description of Griffin as “the Doctor Strangelove of British politics”. I wonder which hack provided him with that one.

Griffin was predictably served up with quotes from his suspect political CV, and little was asked about the policies of the BNP that are for some reason or another so popular at the moment with some sections of society – which was very convenient for Mr Straw who blubbed and spluttered through the whole show. You could tell he really didn’t want to be there.

Also inconspicuous by his presence was the ineffective Liberal Democrat leader Chris Huhne – to the point I really did wonder why he was actually there.

Of the other panellists, Conservative peer and shadow cabinet minister Sayeeda Warsi put up a fairly decent showing, with her most impressive moments coming not when she was berating the hapless Mr Griffin but turning the heat up on the rather uncomfortable Straw over Labour’s policy on immigration and asylum. Best by far though was American playwright and critic Bonnie Greer, who despite sitting next to Griffin retained her sense of humour and steered clear of what was as the show wore on an increasingly soft target. Her lightly veiled sarcasm and at times patronising tone even made the dour BNP chairman crack a smile.

“I’ve brought some books for you to read, Nick.” lol.

In all it was a wonderful picture of politics in this country – an evening full of soundbites, with Griffin being characteristically evasive and the mainstream politicians trying to out-trump each other in terms of how right-on they were in lambasting him. That non-politician Greer was the best of the panellists on what is ostensibly a current affairs and politics show was telling – in a sense, it sums up precisely why so many people in this country have turned towards the likes of the BNP for answers.

After all, they sure as hell aren’t getting any answers from anywhere else.

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Questions, questions…

Questions, questions...

I guess some of you sad folks who read this little blog are waiting for some extensive feedback on last night’s edition of Question Time – dubbed the “Nick Griffin Special”… Sorry, not yet.

I had a little bit of work to do yesterday evening, and after our usual late dinner Caroline and I settled down to watch the final of Masterchef: The Professionals Read the rest of this entry »

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