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Twit of the Week

Twit of the Week

There are so many twits out there, but Mahmoud Ahmedinejad stands head and shoulders above everyone else this week. With nothing better or more important to talk about, the Iranian leader laid in to poor old Paul the Octopus, claiming that tentacled football sage is a symbol of “decadence and decay” among his “enemies”. Read the rest of this entry »

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The power of Photoshop…

The power of Photoshop...

…aka “how much is true?”

Much has been said about the situation in Iran, and the supposedly “fixed” election results in favour of the controversial Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. However, our media are doing themselves – and all who care about objectivity and truth – a major disservice.

Usually one would point the finger for this sort of thing at the likes of Fox News, but this time it is our very own humble BBC that is behind what can only be described as a rather rubbish attempt at Photoshop phuckery-phoo propaganda. It is a well-established formula: take a suitable image, crop out the inconvenient bits, and rehash it as something completely different.

Sixty years ago genuine photographic expertise was required to produce these effects; these days any monkey can sit in front of a PC and turn a horse into a cow.

It is dangerous, and we should be vigilant. Next time, the next person photoshopped into a compromising situation could be you.


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