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Ah, zoze Frenchies, hein?

Ah, zoze Frenchies, hein?

Although the Daily Mail continues to publishly frequent Nazi-related stories almost without fail, I have to admit that I have got rather bored of them. It’s just a case of the same old Scheisse, really: if it’s not some comical old wives’ tale about Josef Mengele’s long lost brother being found living among primitive tribes in Borneo, then it’s some story of some spectacular saluting dog called Adolf. Read the rest of this entry »

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In the nick of time… DM (neo-)Nazi Story of the Week

In the nick of time... DM (neo-)Nazi Story of the Week

With the ongoing election campaign and subsequent drama with our hung parliament and the resulting political brouhaha, one might have thought that the entire Nazi Story of the Week newsdesk at Daily Mail Towers might have been relocated to a certain Mr Clegg’s back garden. Not the case, it seems – for just in time we get our weekly dose of the N-stuff. Read the rest of this entry »

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DM Nazi Story of the End of the Week…

DM Nazi Story of the End of the Week...

Well, they were coming in thick and fast this week – and by far the best one was saved until last. Not only are the folks at the Daily Mail obsessed with the Nazis and anything that could be even tenuously linked with either them or Adolf Hitler, they have proved yet again that their so-called journalists are expert at never letting the truth or even some simple research get in their way of a story with a suitably lurid headline. Read the rest of this entry »

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Two more DM Nazi Stories of the Week…

Two more DM Nazi Stories of the Week...

It’s getting just a little bit silly now, but with the Daily Mail’s rather crazy obsession with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis my jokey plan to write a book on the subject is becoming more of a reality. There have been two new stories since my last submission; it would appear that they are churning them out far faster than I can write reviews. Read the rest of this entry »

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DM Nazi Story of the Week: 08.04.2010

DM Nazi Story of the Week: 08.04.2010

It’s Daily Mail Hitler/Nazi Silly Story Time again… And this one’s an absolute cracker. Read the rest of this entry »

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“Who do you think you are kidding, Mr. Ebay”…

"Who do you think you are kidding, Mr. Ebay"...

It’s been a week, and I’ve been a little too busy to blog. OK, I know it only takes a few minutes to log on and type out any old guff, but hey-ho.

Anyway this morning Caroline alerted me to what can realistically be called yet another Daily Mail Nazi Story of the Week – this time concerning Ebay banning the sale of a Dad’s Army board game under its silly “no swastika” rules. Why of course, anything that might contain a Swastika or may look like a Swastika is immediately verboten – for fear that it might spark off some Nazi revolution and get all of the secret haters out on the streets in their Michael Wittmann t-shirts. Or something. Oops.

Now that the offending item has been removed from the list, the apparatchiks at Ebay can rest happily – the threat has been averted, and the world is safe again. Not that there was any threat anyway, for a board game based on Dad’s Army is going to be among the least likely tools for the shadowly Nazi recruitment agencies that are lurking out there.

What I do find funny however is the tone of the Daily Mail journalist Fay Schlesinger, who almost deliberately attempts to inflame the readership into voicing their indignation at the spoilsports at Ebay towers – when only last year one of her fellow hacks was writing a scurrilous little article on my Panzer Ace website, and the alleged threat of military geeks from all over the world attempting to re-invade the beaches at Normandy.

It just proves that there is no real direction to these stories – if some connection to the Nazis can be found, it’s a definite goer. Hitler’s halitosis, Eva Braun’s underwear, Josef Mengele’s collection of bones, Hermann Göring’s collection of mediaeval codpieces – it all makes for good copy as far as the Daily Mail are concerned. If you want to get on the front page of this rag, all you need to do is dress up in a German uniform and head off to your local fancy dress party.

This country’s rather morbid obsession with the Nazis is staggering; if the Daily Mail’s almost constant flood of stories concerning the Nazis isn’t bad enough, we also have the ridiculous nonsense parrotted by the Daily Star about the new second kit that is to be worn by the German national team at the World Cup in South Africa later this year. OK, we all know the Daily Star is little more than recycled loo paper, but to pass this crap off as “humour” is missing the point by a country mile; if a German newspaper was to publish a similar article on Israel or Jews all hell would break loose.

Of course, if these so-called “journalists” at the Daily Star did their research properly, they would discover that there has been a previous black design for the German squad, which debuted just before the European Championships in 2004. What a bunch of numbnuts.

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If the boot was on the other foot…

If the boot was on the other foot...

This country would be accused of raging “anti-Semitism”.

Israeli MPs call for boycott of British goods.

Come to think of it, by dredging up the Nazis when discussing the British Government’s (rare) common sense decision to distinguish between Israeli goods and produce from the West Bank, they already have. Even Prime Minister’s Gordon Brown’s grovelling apology to the Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni over a court’s decision to issue a warrant for her arrest as a war criminal hasn’t placated them.

Meanwhile, a bunch of religious cranks in Israel itself have embarked on a campaign against Christmas trees; they are not kosher, apparently. One can only wonder what would happen if any Western European country tried to do something similar: cue wild and frothy-mouthed accusations of “anti-Semitism” and the invokation of the media-fed ghosts of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. These fellows can do what they like and have everybody else bend over backwards, but as soon as there is some sort of movement in the other direction all we hear about is the moustachioed one and visions of brownshirted goons beating up fellows in caftans with funny sidelocks in the street. Or something just as lurid.

To cap it all off, the past few days have also seen the mysterious removal of the infamous “Arbeit macht Frei” sign above the gate at Auschwitz I by a bunch of expert thieves – or insidious neo-Nazis, if that is your chosen angle. The fact that Poland has apparently declared a state of emergency just how insane all of this is – of course, anything less and they would lose whatever good faith they might have earned with the bellicose Israelis.

You genuinely have to wonder though – are the Polish authorities expecting the Nazis to march on Warsaw or gangs of marauding goons to sack their local synagogues? Random police checks? Are they going to stop every close-shaven individual and ask them to empty their pockets in the hope of discovering a piece of the Auschwitz sign?

Border patrol police were told to be on the lookout for the 5m-long heavy cast-iron plaque that had spanned the entrance gate, over fears that there might have been plans to take it out of the country.

Hmm. I have heard rumours that a 5m cast-iron sign was last seen sneaking along a forest path south of Chorzów, accompanied by a rather shifty-looking elderly gentleman who according to intrigued eye-witnesses bore more than just a passing resemblance to a certain Josef Mengele. Well, at least they can’t pin this one on John Demjanjuk.

Oy vey.

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Daily Mail Nazi Story of the Week, part… Oh, I’ve lost count…

Daily Mail Nazi Story of the Week, part... Oh, I've lost count...

Yep, we have yet another Daily Mail silly article based on yet another book offering a “new” take on an yet another age-old story. Anyone who knows anything about the history of Nazi Germany, the Second World War or Adolf Hitler would be more than aware of the fact that the Führer was a notorious hypochondriac with a long list of real and very much made up medical problems – something that was readily taken advantage of by an equally long list of charlatans and cranks – and we have now been served up with the lurid “revelation” that Hitler hated going to the dentist.

Not such a big deal, really – who really can claim to enjoy going to the dentist? So, one might rightly ask, why is this such a big story that the Daily Mail finds the need to run it? Oh, it’s Hitler – someone whom to the hacks at Mail Towers is still as very real as the X-Factor and as very much alive as Jordan.

As for Menevse Deprem-Hennen, the author who has wasted their time writing about these banal Führer-facts, they could have found a better way to spend their time. Hitler has been well and truly studied (and more recently, sensationalised) to death, and I truly believe that anything that can be written about him has been written. Those of us who have studied the life of the Nazi leader will know that the “controversial” historian David Irving wrote about his dental issues and problems with halitosis over thirty years ago; quite simply, there is nothing new. No more exclusive stories. No more drama. It’s a dead duck.

Yet the Daily Mail is so fascinated by the Führer that they churn out stories on him on a regular basis – so much so that this story was actually one of three Hitler-related stories this week, the other two focussing on the theory that his anti-semitism was driven by grief over the death of his mother and what things might have been like had he been spirited out of wartorn Berlin by Hanna Reitsch.

Mr. A. Hitler, last seen in a Paraguyan jungle...

A certain Mr. A. Hitler, last seen in a Paraguyan jungle...

I for one have seen far too many of these rather cheap “alternative history” scenarios; while early pieces that covered this subject were genuinely interesting and based on fairly extensive research, more recent efforts have been little more than rehashed guff. In fact much of what has been written on Hitler since the mid-1980s has been placed more on salacious tidbits than what might otherwise be described as rather boring facts; rather than bore us with what might have driven Hitler to invade the USSR in 1941, modern authors and publishers would instead serve up fantastic scenarios of the aging Führer living among the Inuits in some igloo in Greenland or unverifiable tales of his sexual peccadilloes.

I’d actually go so far as to wager that author Guy Walters has in all likelihood paid the Daily Mail to publicise his book and pass it off as some sort of historical interest story; unless I was the photoshop expert who was commissioned to create the computer-generated image of what Hitler would have looked like in the 1960s – complete with the oversized and out of place Iron Cross First Class – I cannot see how anyone can gain anything from the publication of this rubbish.

Even basic facts are ignored – for example Walters has Reitsch’s lightweight Fieseler Storch flying at 20,000 feet when it had a maximum ceiling of 17,060 feet or 5,200 metres – and this forgetting the fact that this optimum height have only been sustainable with the weight of one pilot.

Maybe it was a special “Führer modelle”, or something…

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Daily Mail Nazi Story of the Week…

Daily Mail Nazi Story of the Week...

It has been a while since my last Daily Mail Nazi Story of the Week – something that has been wholly down to me as the DM itself has been more than generous in supplying material as part of its ongoing mission to churn out non-story after non-story about either Hitler or the Nazis.

This story of Nazi Christmas decorations is much in the same spirit as any other similar piece that has come out of the still active wartime propaganda office of the Daily Mail, but the ridiculous nature of the story and the lengths their “foreign service” journalist has gone to make something out of nothing make it truly noteworthy in its ridiculousness.

OK, so there is an exhibition on Nazi-era Christmas decorations, which does indeed sound interesting from a purely historical point of view – Rita Breuer and her mother Judith have clearly spent a lot of time and effort putting together the collection. But this is nothing new: anyone who has studied the Nazi period even cursorily will know that their ideological vision was one that attempted to pre-date European Christianity. Of course, the hacks at the Daily Mail may write about the Nazis ad nauseum, but they continually betray the fact that they know next to nothing about them:

Christmas was used by the atheist Nazis, who tried to turn it into a pagan winter solstice celebration.

A truly ridiculous statement, given that it can be argued with some justification that Christians took what was essentially a winter solstice celebration and made it their own.

But then historical facts have never been allowed to get in the way of a Daily Mail article.

Worse still is the image of the WW1-era decorations; what these may have to do with the National Socialist era I cannot even begin to imagine. It could be dismissed as knowledge gap or even an oversight, but I’d scratch the surface a little deeper and attempt to get into the head of the sort of hack who writes this retarded waffle, the sort of twopenny journalist for whom there is no difference between a Nazi and a German. “So what if these WW1-era baubles have nothing to do with the Nazis?” I hear them moan. “It still shows us that the Germans have and always will be horrible warmongers”. Aha!

In fact I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this so-called journalist wanted us to believe that Arminius, who defeated the Roman Army at the Teutoberg Forest, was himself a Nazi.

Oh dear.

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Sensationalism recooked as “History”

Sensationalism recooked as "History"

Hot on the tail of the ridiculous Stephen Fry Twitter story comes another little gem. Given that they can be written anytime and anywhere, blogs have quickly become an integral part of the online news media – which is not such a bad thing given that there are lots of talented writers out there. The problem is that will all of this good stuff comes a lot of dreadfully awful bilge.

Now good old-fashioned journalistic bilge – you know, the sort of gossipy stuff that is almost purposefully designed to go in through one ear and out of the other – is one thing, but bilge that attempts to concern itself with the discussion of history is of a completely different order. A striking example is Times blogger Daniel Finkelstein’s short piece on a soon-to-be-aired documentary called Wartime London, and in particular some archive footage of the funeral in 1936 of the German ambassador Leopold von Hoesch.

It’s a relatively short piece, but richly-packed with whoppers:

“After a fatal stroke a state funeral was held for him, a salute of nineteen guns was fired in Hyde Park, and Grenadier Guards marched down the Mall. Shoulder to shoulder with Nazi soldiers.”

“Shoulder to shoulder with Nazi soldiers”. Erm, right. It’s the funeral of the German ambassador; would German soldiers – Nazi or otherwise – not be expected to be there? Finkelstein is making it sounds like the Tommies are lining up with their Nazi Kameraden to invade Poland. Or something.


“They carried a coffin draped in a swastika, while crowds lined the road and balconies, a terrifyingly large number of them giving the Nazi salute… Who are these people? They can’t … all be embassy staff. Whether they were Germans living in London or British Nazi sympathisers is unknown. Most probably a mix of both.

Of course the coffin would have been draped in a swastika; it was the German national flag at the time, not simply the emblem of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. What would Finkelstein expect to be draped over the coffin of a German diplomat in 1936? A blanket? As for the “terrifyingly large” number of people giving the Nazi salute, many of these may have been British. But can this be taken to mean that these straight-armed folk were Nazis or Nazi sympathisers? Well, of course not – they were merely showing their respect in a way that would have been gratefully acknowledged by the dead man’s countrymen.

It may cause some consternation among the chattering classes today, but back in 1936 – three years before the start of the second world war – this sort of thing would have been a non-issue, much like the now infamous Hitlergrüß offered by the England football team when they visited Germany in 1938.

The English Hitlergrüß

Nazis? Nope. It's the England football team in 1938.

The above image has become probably one of the most infamous in this country’s sporting history, but at the time it was the done thing. There were probably a few murmurs of discontent from those involved with the team that were politically opposed to the Nazi regime, but to a man the team offered what was a well-executed Hitlergrüß – with none of that other hand-behind-their-back-crossing-their-fingers mularkey.

“Hoesch himself was a career diplomat, never a Nazi. He would have been horrified.”

Whether Hoesch himself was a member of the NSDAP is not an issue here. This was a fairly standard funeral ceremony, not a Nazi tea party followed by a communal book-burning fest. Simply by looking at it again I have concluded that this story is even more of a non-story – and patently more ridiculous – than any tale of a Stephen Fry hissy twitter fit. Baa!

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