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Like Medusa emerging from a lavatory bowl

Like Medusa emerging from a lavatory bowl

“Where has he been?” I hear you all ask. OK, the dozen of you that actually read my ramblings – not including myself, Caroline and the spammer who seems to think that random posts are “kewl” for no good reason. A number of things have happened since my last post, the biggest two being the royal wedding and the almost 24esque Osama bin Laden story. Oh, the fun. Read the rest of this entry »

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Two more DM Nazi Stories of the Week…

Two more DM Nazi Stories of the Week...

It’s getting just a little bit silly now, but with the Daily Mail’s rather crazy obsession with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis my jokey plan to write a book on the subject is becoming more of a reality. There have been two new stories since my last submission; it would appear that they are churning them out far faster than I can write reviews. Read the rest of this entry »

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What a beardo…

Or rather, silly story of the week.

Muslim Pc’s boss ‘accused him of looking like Osama Bin Laden’

I just don’t know what this fellow, PC Tariq Dost, is complaining about. Look at him. He does look like Osama bin Laden. Put on the headgear and some combat fatigues, and he’d easily walk into any Osama-themed fancy dress party and win all of the best likeness awards.

Last seen in a cave in Afghanistan? Or not?

I had always thought that there was some sort of code in the police force which restricted the length of hair and beards; I am fairly certain that if I joined the police force and tried to get away with sporting something so obvious I wouldn’t stand a chance. But of course, to tell this man to trim it down would be somehow “racist”.

According to the article PC Dost is not a front-line officer, but one would assume that being a “uni” he would have patrolled the beat at some time in his career as a police officer. Forgetting the fact that his rather distinctive beard would have stood out and left him open to obvious ridicule, it would have also constituted something of a health and safety hazard.

Imagine this officer trying to arrest a criminal: it is a known fact that if you try to grab someone who does not wish to be grabbed, they will tend to do their own share of grabbing and pulling. The first thing anyone would see is PC Dost’s beard, of course – for unlike female police officers with long hair who would be able to tie it up in a tight bun, it would be an inviting target for anyone who wanted to give it a good hard yank.

To think that taxpayers’ money is being wasted on this nonsense. Oh, and I would also have asked PC Dost about his weird habit of tucking his trousers into his boots – he worked in recruitment, not SO19. Uniform code, anyone?

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