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Like Medusa emerging from a lavatory bowl

Like Medusa emerging from a lavatory bowl

“Where has he been?” I hear you all ask. OK, the dozen of you that actually read my ramblings – not including myself, Caroline and the spammer who seems to think that random posts are “kewl” for no good reason. A number of things have happened since my last post, the biggest two being the royal wedding and the almost 24esque Osama bin Laden story. Oh, the fun. Read the rest of this entry »

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Variations on a theme of stupidity

Variations on a theme of stupidity

Just a quick one today involving the usual suspects: criminals, do-gooders, money-wasters and all-round stupid people. Those pointless oxygen thieves whose swift removal from general circulation would both lighten my mood and make society a better place. Read the rest of this entry »

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It couldn’t happen here…

It couldn't happen here...

Farmer’s daughter disarms terrorist and shoots him dead with AK47

A terrorist dead, a £4,000 reward and praise from the government – which is how it should be.

Can we imagine what would happen here though? You’d be hauled in front of a court and charged with anything up to and including murder, as well as affronting the terrorist’s “human rights”; the wounded one would be allowed to make some spurious claim that he can no longer have children on account of his wounds. Or something.

Far from being commended for such a brave act, you’d be condemned for not serving up a verbal warning and offering the assailant a chance to surrender – and thus, of course, providing an open invitation for them to return the following night with a few more friends.

If an uninvited guest makes their way into your home and refuses to leave, you should have the right to use as much force as possible to remove the threat. And if that involves putting a bullet in his skull, so be it.

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