Maximus irritatus

Maximus irritatus

I first saw this story in another online periodical and thought I would add it to my previous comments on the “Romany plague”, but when reading this Telegraph article I found myself sidetracked by the inadvertantly hilarious subheader. Roman gypsies? I have read somewhere that the Romans once invaded Britain, but I never knew that […]

Qadhdhaafiy’s Qomedy Qorner

Qadhdhaafiy's Qomedy Qorner

Our friend the Colonel is at it again, going from one curious self-publicity stunt to the next… Not content to entertain bored foreign dignitaries in his expansive Bedouin tent with his legendary displays of belching and flatulence or inventing long-winded self-congratulatory titles that would have made both Idi Amin and Joseph Mobutu blush – figuratively […]

When in Rome… or Romania?

When in Rome... or Romania?

Just this morning I happened to read what would otherwise be a rather horrifying story about a spate of racist attacks in Northern Ireland which led to over a hundred Romanians fleeing their homes for the sanctuary of a local church. I say “otherwise” because I know better – and that behind this pall of […]