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Maximus irritatus

Maximus irritatus

I first saw this story in another online periodical and thought I would add it to my previous comments on the “Romany plague”, but when reading this Telegraph article I found myself sidetracked by the inadvertantly hilarious subheader. Roman gypsies? I have read somewhere that the Romans once invaded Britain, but I never knew that they were still at it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Qadhdhaafiy’s Qomedy Qorner

Qadhdhaafiy's Qomedy Qorner

Our friend the Colonel is at it again, going from one curious self-publicity stunt to the next…

Not content to entertain bored foreign dignitaries in his expansive Bedouin tent with his legendary displays of belching and flatulence or inventing long-winded self-congratulatory titles that would have made both Idi Amin and Joseph Mobutu blush – figuratively speaking, of course – the Libyan lothario’s adventures have taken a truly wacky turn with his attempt to corral five-hundred Roman call girls and convert them to Islam.

Gaddafi’s night in with ‘500 attractive girls’ – and the Koran


Interestingly, there are many ways to write the Carthaginian Colonel’s name (in Arabic, معمر القذافي) in Western script. Gaddafi is by far the most common (I would not choose to be pretentious and write something like Qadhdhaafiy) but it is a topic that could itself be the subject of a major study: “How journalists around the world spell my name”, by the self-prociamed Guide of the First of September Great Revolution of the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

Here are but a few. Enjoy the lesson.

Gadafi, Gadafy, Gaddafi, Gadaffi, Ghadaffy, Gadhafi, Ghaddafi, Ghaddafy, Gheddafi, Kadafi, Kaddafi, Kazzafi, Khaddafi, Khaddaffy, Qadafi, Qaddafi, Qadhdhafi, Qadhdhaafiy, Qathafi, Q’udafi, Qudhafi.


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When in Rome… or Romania?

When in Rome... or Romania?

Just this morning I happened to read what would otherwise be a rather horrifying story about a spate of racist attacks in Northern Ireland which led to over a hundred Romanians fleeing their homes for the sanctuary of a local church.

I say “otherwise” because I know better – and that behind this pall of fetid smoke lies a fire that has been slowly burning across much of Europe for centuries. Read the rest of this entry »

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