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Ah, zoze Frenchies, hein?

Ah, zoze Frenchies, hein?

Although the Daily Mail continues to publishly frequent Nazi-related stories almost without fail, I have to admit that I have got rather bored of them. It’s just a case of the same old Scheisse, really: if it’s not some comical old wives’ tale about Josef Mengele’s long lost brother being found living among primitive tribes in Borneo, then it’s some story of some spectacular saluting dog called Adolf. Read the rest of this entry »

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Daily Mail Nazi Story of the Week… Part 2

Daily Mail Nazi Story of the Week... Part 2

The folks at the Daily Mail just can’t get enough about the Nazis, it seems. That’s two in a day now. Perhaps it is some sort of curious attempt to extricate themselves from their pre-war association with Mosley’s mob – I just don’t get it. First we are presented with a rehashed story about the British Free Corps, and now we have yet another cobbled-together piece of journalism, this time about the castle at Wewelsburg being opened up as a museum.

Daily Mail Nazi Story of the Week

Daily Mail Nazi Story of the Week

Like the story of the BFC, historians have known about this guff for decades. It’s all there in print if you want to check out your local library – look up names like Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, Alan Baker and Christopher Hale. Or, if you are really keen, head to Brunel University Library and ask them to dig out a copy of my dissertation from 1995.

Wewelsburg – located near the Westphalian city of Paderborn – was seen as some sort of holy spot by Heinrich Himmler – who was something of a crank who would have fitted very well alongside the likes of Carole Caplin etc. as part of the advisory board for Cherie Blair Ltd. Fuelled by the esoterical pseudoscientific bullshit served up by a rather odd character called Karl Maria Wiligut, Himmler was convinced that the castle sat upon a number of ley lines – and that it was the “centre of the world”.

If Wiligut – who in a particularly powerful fit of delusion dubbed himself “Weisthor” – had been around today, he would have been the strange and perhaps rather musty-smelling old fellow one might often find sitting in a corner of an old bookshop attempting to locate hidden runic messages in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

As for the castle itself, it has featured in a number of documentaries that have focussed on the Nazis’ (and in particular Himmler’s) obsession with the occult – the legends surrounding are pretty well known. While the museum is indeed a new development, the castle itself has been accessible for years – with its east wing being used as a youth hostel. Given the Mail’s wanting to promote it as some sort of tourist hotspot, I am slightly surprised that they didn’t stretch things out to include this as well.

“Visit the Museum, have a few beers, and then sleep in the castle where Himmler engaged in pagan rituals with his dark and sinister SS knights”. Fantastisch.

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