The US healthcare debate in a nutshell

The US healthcare debate in a nutshell

Nothing is more entertaining than people who go on about something they know nothing about, especially when they can’t even be arsed to google Stephen Hawking before they use him as an example. Or when they come up with gems like “If British people want to have private health insurance they have to opt out of the NHS”.

So, us European fools might think “socialized medicine”  is a basic right, but apparently we’re wrong. Across the pond, nothing could possibly be worse than having to fund your neighbo(u)r’s healthcare out of your taxes (although why this reasoning doesn’t apply to schools, the police  and other public services is a mystery to me).

Instead, let’s have the choice between going without insurance and living in fear (broken leg? Welcome to the wonderful world of massive debt. Heart surgery? Goodbye house, hello bankruptcy) or paying huge premiums every month, only to be told when you do get sick that this isn’t covered, that isn’t covered, there’s an upper limit for this, there are restrictions on that, and don’t even think about having treatment for a pre-existing condition… oh, and if you’re ill long enough to miss a payment, your policy gets cancelled and you’d better get used to living in fear (see above). What’s not to love?

Wait a sec though… come to think of it, we should be able to understand some of their concerns. After all, we do have a similar system in the UK. No really, we do… It’s called pet insurance.

There you go, you read it here first: people in the US have it as good as pets in Europe. Yay them.

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