So, as you can see I was too busy yesterday to write anything… Much of the day was spent telephoning banks, credit card companies, billing agencies and so on to update my details with our new contact details. For the most part it was a painless affair, though to the passing ear my almost continual use of the phonetic alphabet must have made the place sound like a police station.

Another pleasant surprise was the ease with which I was able to complete this time-eating task: I had to make some twenty-odd calls, and only on a couple of occasions was I left waiting listening to tinny muzak. And not one incidence of Greensleeves! There were clearly less Indian call centre connections than the same time last year when we were undertaking the move to Hillingdon, and those that I did encounter were pretty fast and efficient – things are looking up!

The evening was spent sprucing up the new place with some help from Mum and Dad, and Caroline and I moved the first small batch of things over later in the evening – all of the items from the kitchen ‘overflow’. It felt nice to actually have the space to put this stuff, and having to walk the entire length of the house to retrieve a frying pan is now hopefully a thing of the past.

We got back home and relaxed to watch what we though was going to be an interesting documentary on living goddesses in Nepal, but instead it proved to be a rather dull affair with next to explanation as to what was going on. Visually stunning, but pretty much non-informative. The lack of a narrator was a novel idea, but in this instance it clearly didn’t work: it was too fly-on-the-wall, and you felt that you never really got to know the people whose lives were being followed.

Before going to bed I forgot to tell Caroline that as well as a shirt I needed a pair or trousers ironed for work (it’s not what you think – I am just rubbish at ironing) … Of course I only realised this when I was getting ready this morning. Thankfully I had a pair in the drawer, but once again my curious inability to remember the most banal things (while being able to recall other more obscure and arguably irrelevant things like lists of tank turret numbers) reared its head…

Well, back at work it was the usual case of trawling through two days’ worth of emails and getting down to business… Which I should probably get back to.

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