Welcome to Londonistan

Welcome to Londonistan

Electoral fraud, way too many people per square foot, mass deprivation, urban violence, wall-to-wall Muslims… Bangladesh? Pakistan? The fresh and democratic shithole of Afghanistan? Nope, it’s the East End we never get to see in East Enders, the wonderful multikulti paradise much loved by socialist drummerboy and tub-thumper Billy Bragg – who now conveniently lives leafy Dorset.

‘The first punch came, landing on my nose, sending blood down my face’

In spite of taking a beating from a group of Muslim teenagers that left him with a bloody nose and in all likelihood a seriously bruised ego, journalist for the Independent Jerome Taylor still remains true to form in not admitting that some areas of London are no-go zones. Instead, he tries his best to explain away the circumstances:

Thinking back on my experience perhaps I was naïve to venture into the area on my own, although I do live in east London, know the estates well and have rarely felt threatened.

Instead of blaming himself and his naïvety for venturing into what might have been an unfamiliar area, Taylor should perhaps be asking why it has come to be that some areas of London have become so dangerous; he should focus the attention not on himself, but on the individuals that saw fit to lay into him. Of course, it would be poor form for a left-leaning scribbler to focus his attention on the real issues: it is far better to take it on the chin – in this case, literally – and leave the multikulti vision intact.

Of course, maintaining this well-intentioned but badly-directed fiction means that the media champions of the multikulti vision can wax lyrical about the “vibrancy” of the East End and how great it is; it also means that the problems in these areas are allowed to fester unchecked.

The situation is best summed by by the fact that in the constituency of Bethnal Green and Bow all of the electoral candidates from the main parties are Bengali Muslims: it would appear to be that rather than focusing on ways to disperse and integrate the Muslim population and roll back what is clearly the Islamisation of this part of London, the powers that be are just prepared to happily go with the flow and just let it happen.

While the left are happily rubbing their hands at the prospect and happy in the knowledge the their next generation of voters are being churned out en masse by religiously virile Muslim males and their tied-to-the-kitchen-sink baby factory wives, the original inhabitants that remain are either resigned to their fate or being attracted by the coarse rhetoric of the knuckle-dragger. It all makes for an extremely depressing landscape, both social and political.

The rest of us might as well pack up and concede that the consituency is a de facto Islamic statelet.

It’s not just this Islamic population congestion that is turning London into an urban hellhole however; the large numbers of gypsies from from the nether regions of Eastern Europe are also making their mark. These people are extraordinary criminals; if one were to present awards for criminal innovation, guile, and sheer sheer audacity the gypsies or so-called Romany peoples would be right up there at the top of the list. Whether it be people trafficking, prostitution racketeering or pickpocketing, I’ll give to them – they’re bloody good at what they do.

Fortunately this motley crew from Bulgaria were caught – though not first without fleecing more than £100,000 from tube and bus passengers across the capital and marking out the best pickpocketing hotspots on a tube map. Naturally this bunch of itinerant parasites are being sent back at our expense – though it is only a matter of time until they make their way back over here in order to fund the building of another tacky mansion.

Where we will happily welcome them to Londonistan.

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