Who’s afraid of the Big Bad (Grey) Wolf?

Who's afraid of the Big Bad (Grey) Wolf?

Yep, it’s another Daily Mail Nazi (for that, read Adolf Hitler) story. I keep joking about articles placing the Führer in Latin America, and it appears that the folks at the DM have been reading my requests. Hurrah!

Daily Mail Nazi Story of the Week
Daily Mail Nazi Story of the Week

So we have yet another sensational book with a raft of so-called exclusive findings, join-the-dots innuendo and general pseudo-historical Scheiß – one can only wonder just who commissions these clowns to write this rubbish. In this case the clowns are British authors Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan, and the waste of ink is called Grey Wolf: The Escape Of Adolf.

I am assuming that there is a large and obvious cover photograph of the moustachioed one, save some us start thinking that the book is all about another “Adolf” who managed to make his way to Argentina. Well of course there was, a certain Herr Eichmann aka “Ricardo Klement”. It’s nice to see that the authors are on first-name terms with AH; not even his closest advisors and henchmen called him that.

Hmm. I am not going to waste any time dissecting the claims, but thought I’d just quote this little gem:

There is no forensic evidence for his [Hitler’s], or Eva Braun’s deaths, and the stories from the eyewitnesses to their continued survival in Argentina are compelling.

OK, no forensic evidence, but “compelling” eye-witnesses. Righty-o. Give me a few thousand dollars to play with and access to a few old people suffering from Alzheimers, and I can probably create half a dozen “compelling eye-witnesses” too. I’ll have you know that Josef Stalin was really a orang-utan called Nigel, and I have met plenty of old fellows living in a mental hospital a few kilometres south of Dnipropetrovsk who can confirm the same.

I have posted the following as “Martin Bormann, 10 miles outside of Asuncion, Paraguay”, and can only hope it passes through the moderation filter:

I can assure you that this story is bunk – as he died only a few years ago and lived down the road from me in the forests outside of Asuncion. Before my Führer died he set up a vegetarian food company that specialised in pasta products – it was known as “Onkel Adi’s”, and sold well among the German expat community in Latin America. The company is still running today, and is controlled by Siegfried Ottweiler, the son of Adolf and Eva’s daughter Brünnhilde. Siggi will be pleased to know that his old Opa has made the pages of the Daily Mail again!

Having read that again, I have to wonder just how many people might actually believe me…

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